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Inquiry as Empowerment

The Erosion of Engagement According to the 2014 Gallup Student Poll, which surveyed nearly 500,000 students in grades 5 through 12 in 1,700 public schools in 37 U.S. states, the level of engagement in school undergoes a steady decline over the course of a typical student’s academic career. According to the poll’s findings, while 76% […]

Designing Lessons for Relevance, Authenticity, and Enduring Understandings

“Why do we need to learn this?” “Will this be on the test?” “Is this for a grade?” Most teachers are familiar with these student refrains.  Such questions reveal a larger challenge that teachers face on a frequent basis: how to create compelling, meaningful, evocative lessons that resonate with students and their fundamental needs to […]

CT and C3: Connecticut’s Transition Using the C3 Frameworks

September 1, 2014 By David Bosso While many of the blogs presented herein focus on classroom implications of the C3 Frameworks, as they rightly should, there is also a need to provide insight into related policy issues and broader curricular repercussions of the instructional, logistical, and value-laden shifts connected to an inquiry approach.  To these […]