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Personalized Learning in Inquiries?

In the field of education we have heard the term “personalized learning” quite often. The concept can be broken down into many different meanings and, in fact, there are whole cohorts in our district and nationwide dedicated to seeing the advancement of “PL” as they call it. In our district we have come up with […]

Inquiry Design Model to the Rescue

As a 6th year teacher, I am very aware of the rate of teacher burn-out. In fact, most teachers leave the profession after only 5 years. When the 2015-2016 school year began for me, I had a renewed passion for my job. I felt that I was really working hard to reach and teach all […]

Inquiry as Empowerment

The Erosion of Engagement According to the 2014 Gallup Student Poll, which surveyed nearly 500,000 students in grades 5 through 12 in 1,700 public schools in 37 U.S. states, the level of engagement in school undergoes a steady decline over the course of a typical student’s academic career. According to the poll’s findings, while 76% […]

Being C3-Minded in the Non-Traditional Classroom

Since joining the C3 Teacher team, I have noticed the Framework infiltrating my thinking. My teaching practice has certainly evolved, reflecting my refined pedagogical philosophies.   I have been trying to foster more mindfulness in my personal life, so I think the appropriate term would be that I am becoming C3-minded. This was especially evident as […]

A Recipe for Better Social Studies Assessments

When my colleagues and I set out to develop new PASST assessments for social studies in Michigan, we quickly realized that we were going into uncharted territory. There wasn’t really a recipe for doing something like this.   What we came up with to create the PASST assessments and train teachers to use the assessments ended […]

Students as Curators of Inquiry – Authors of History

Each June students leave my classroom and move on to their next social studies teacher.  Before long there will come a time when they leave the social studies classroom all together.  However, right now they are my students, and as their social studies teacher it is my job to prepare them for their future.  A […]

A New Focus on Inquiry: The C3 and Library of Congress

As teachers, we often teach like we were taught. We repeat the same lessons year after year, because they worked once before. We even use lessons from someone else just because it worked for them.  Don’t get me wrong, of course we should share our best teaching ideas, but at the same time we have […]

Podcasts, Videos, and Blogs, Oh My! Online History Resources for Dimension 3

By Craig Perrier March 2, 2015 As teachers, we’ve all faced those tough decisions about how and when to emphasis particular skills with our students. The C3 framework helps in that it addresses the literacy skills needed for inquiry. Skill matrices also help teachers to vertically align skill development for students.  Of particular interest to […]