The Ohio C3 Hub is a clearing house for powerful, teacher-created, culturally relevant inquires that get at the heart of
Ohio’s history and culture. Ohio’s Learning Standards for Social Studies emphasize the importance of developing
students’ civic competence, which is defined as “commitment to democratic values,” requiring the ability to:

  • use knowledge about one’s community, nation, and world;
  • apply inquiry processes; and
  • employ skills of data collection and analysis, collaboration, decision-making, and problem solving.

The inquiries included here are designed around the enduring questions at the heart social studies that help students best
construct their understanding of the past and become active participants of society in the present. Grounded in a deep
sense of Ohio’s historic place in the United States, this C3 Hub is designed to build community, inspire inquiry, and
strengthen social studies education in Ohio and beyond.

Ohio History Connection takes very seriously its responsibilities to Tribal Nations. As a result, any images that are eligible, of items possibly separated from graves, and of items that are sacred and culturally sensitive will be reviewed by our American Indian Relations team before delivering the files.

Image Credit: University of Cincinnati CERHAS.