Inquiry knows no boundaries or no limits.

Let’s get to work and keep kids engaged in learning. Let’s keep inquiring. We all know that a good question and a genuine effort to answer that question is what inquiry is all about. Asking and answering questions is the stuff of life. Whether we are in the classroom, in our homes, online or in print, we know that providing kids with opportunities to engage in inquiry in these in these times is important.  At the same time, we recognize that inquiry is hard work. For kids who are engaging an inquiry with content that is new to them and expectations that are design to stretch their thinking, teachers much provide scaffolds and support.

C3 Teachers is here to help.

During this time of great disruption from COVID-19, C3 Teachers is offering direct access to 375 inquiries that you can use to sustain your students’ learning. These inquiries are available in an easy to use a Google Spreadsheet HERE. Please note when browsing these inquiries they are organized at three levels.

  • Level 1 are the most the most careful designed and complete of our collection, also available at
  • Level 2 inquiries are published on our state and organizational hubs All of these inquiries have been reviewed, but the formatting and design assumptions may be just a bit different.
  • Level 3 inquiries are in our IDM Generator. These inquires have not been heavily reviewed, but we think they represent some great think and provide opportunities to spark inquiry with students.

We are also offering some featured inquiries with guidelines for how you might support your students’ learning at a distance.