Kindergarten Inquiry ChallengeGeorgia

Paper Maps

This 2016 Inquiry Challenge winner inquiry leads students through an investigation of electronic and paper maps as representations of the physical world. In examining the different ways in which the two mediums reflect place and positionality, students should consider the utility and relative value of different geographic representations. Through interaction with the formative performance tasks and featured sources, students build their knowledge and understanding so that they are able to develop an argument that answers the compelling question “Do We Still Need Paper Maps?”


Compelling Question:

Do We Still Need Paper Maps?

Staging the Question:

Students watch a video in which a boy talks about a time he got lost and have a discussion about what they have done when they have gotten lost.

Supporting Question How do maps help us find what we are looking for?

Formative Task Explain how each map helps people find something they may be looking for.

Sources Source A: Map of Zoo (example)
Source B: My Map Book
Source C: Google Maps or MapQuest


Supporting Question How can we use maps to show others where things are?

Formative Task Create an electronic and paper map of their home, classroom, school, or neighborhood.

Sources Source A: The Cat in the Hat Can Map This & That
Source B: National Geographic MapMaker Tool


Supporting Question How do electronic maps make finding some places easier?

Formative Task Use a GPS mapping site to get directions from student’s address to school and participate in a discussion of ways this can make finding the school easier.

Sources Sources from SQs 1 and 2

Summative Performance Task

Argument: Do We Still Need Paper Maps? Construct an argument supported with evidence that addresses the compelling question.
Extension: Students record their arguments for presentation to their peers.

Taking Informed Action

Understand: Accomplished through the Formative Performance Tasks
Assess: Determine which type of map would help a school visitor find their classroom.
Act: Create a school map in the chosen medium to share with school visitors.