Kindergarten New York


This kindergarten inquiry leads students through an investigation of self by recognizing that all humans have both unique and similar characteristics. By investigating the compelling question “Is everyone unique?” students begin to see how they are similar to and different from their classmates. The study of similarities and differences among individuals provides the foundation for students to demonstrate their understanding of and respect for others.


Compelling Question:

Is Everyone Unique?

Staging the Question:

Engage the class in discussion of the question “Who am I?”

Supporting Question Am I unique?

Formative Task Draw a self-portrait and respond to sentence starters.

Sources Source A: Image bank: Child engaged in different activities and roles
Source B: Image bank: Children engaged in different activities


Supporting Question Am I the same as other people?

Formative Task During a gallery walk, place sticker dots on portraits to note similarities and differences.

Sources Source A: Image bank: Groups of children engaged in different activities


Supporting Question How can I be unique and the same?

Formative Task Construct an individual T-chart that lists unique characteristics on one side and similar characteristics on the other.

Sources Source A: Image bank: Different people engaged in the same activity.

Summative Performance Task

Argument: Is everyone unique? Construct an argument that addresses the compelling question using specific claims and relevant evidence.

Taking Informed Action

Understand: Accomplished through Formative Tasks 1 and 2
Assess: Accomplished through Formative Task 3
Act: Create a video to share with parents about similarities and differences within the class.