Grades 3-5Grades K-2 Summit Learning

Community Action

This action-embedded inquiry leads students through an investigation of how they can make a difference in their community. By featuring an opportunity for students to think through the issues that surround them, the inquiry enables them to choose one to work on, to decide what kinds of action they could take, to assess the challenges that might face them, and then to take action.


Compelling Question:

How can I make a change in my community?

Staging the Question:

Brainstorm a list of local issues and decide on one that interests the class.

Supporting Question What do we need to know about our issue of concern?

Formative Task Make a T-chart of what you know about the issue and what you need to know.

Sources Sources for this inquiry are all likely to be local and determined by students with help from their teachers—e.g., newspaper stories, public records, local laws, property maps, local officials.


Supporting Question What could we do to address our issue?

Formative Task Make a T-chart with a list of options on the right-hand side.



Supporting Question What challenges could we face?

Formative Task Complete the options T-chart by listing potential challenges for each option.


Taking Informed Action

Act: Because this is an embedded inquiry, students are doing the Understand and Assess exercises as they complete the formative performance tasks. The Act task is accomplished when the students put their chosen option into effect.