Kindergarten New York

Civic Ideals

This inquiry is an exploration into the concept of responsibility, beginning within the home and then expanding to school and the community. In examining the idea that we all have important responsibilities, students should consider the question of what could happen if they choose to act irresponsibly. Through interaction with the formative performance tasks and featured sources, students build their knowledge and understanding such that they should be able to develop an argument that answers the compelling question “Why do I have to be responsible?”


Compelling Question:

Why Do I Have to Be Responsible?

Staging the Question:

Watch a clip from the PBS Kids video Responsibilities and participate in a discussion unpacking the meaning of the word.

Supporting Question What does responsibility look like?

Formative Task Draw a picture of themselves acting responsibly and describe the picture to a partner.

Sources Source A: Image bank: Acting responsibly


Supporting Question What are my responsibilities at home and at school?

Formative Task Construct a class T-chart showing home based and school-based responsibilities.

Sources Source A: Teacher-located books on responsibility


Supporting Question What would happen if I weren’t responsible?

Formative Task Create a two-panel comic describing what would happen in school or at home if we did not carry out our responsibilities.

Sources Source A: Image bank: Responsibility scenarios

Summative Performance Task

Argument: Why do I have to be responsible? Construct an argument supported by evidence that addresses how you can be a better member of your family and class by being responsible.

Taking Informed Action

Understand: Accomplished through Formative Tasks 1 and 2
Assess: Accomplished through Formative Task 3
Act: Demonstrate responsibility by selecting a class community-service project to undertake.