Access the Generator online at

The IDM Generator supports teachers as they create their own inquiries, share those inquiries with other teachers, and make inquiry assignments for their students to complete online. The easy to use, web-based interface enables teachers and students to inquire about compelling questions, access disciplinary sources, and complete formative and summative tasks and exercises in taking informed action.

The first step is to using the IDM Generator is to create an account at After you have verified your account, you can add inquiries to your personal Dashboard by writing a new inquiry or by searching the collection of public inquiries and adding those public inquiries to your Dashboard. If you chose to make the inquiries that you create public, they are available for others to see and use.

This tutorial will walk you through the 7 step process of creating an new inquiry. Each step is part of a development process for building a new inquiry and for using the IDM Generator. To learn more about the Inquiry Design Model and the theory behind IDM, see our New York Toolkit project Video Series on IDM and our IDM_Assumptions_C3 Brief.

  • Step 1 – Inquiry Overview
  • Step 2 – Inquiry Structure and Description
  • Step 3 – Staging the Compelling Question
  • Step 4 – Supporting Questions
  • Step 5 – Summative Performance task
  • Step 6 – Taking Informed Action
  • Step 7 – Additional Resources