Over one hundred and fifty years have passed since the end of the Civil War and it still captures the imagination and passion of young and old. The American Civil War and Abraham Lincoln’s presidency are perpetually fascinating. With all the attention focused on the Civil War and Lincoln, all we know and have learned, there is still much to learn. This project is focused on some of those untold stories. President Abraham Lincoln was America’s first “technology” president. He used emerging telegraph technology in war, politics, and even his personal life. The Decoding the Civil War project is focused on transcribing and decoding of Civil War telegrams to engage new and younger audiences using crowdsourcing technology to spark their curiosity and develop new critical thinking skills.

The Huntington Museum is partnering with the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, North Carolina State University, and Zooniverse.org at the University of Minnesota to,

Instructional materials for this project are being developed by teachers and students under the direction of Dr. John Lee and the Digital History and Pedagogy Project at NC State University along with C3 Teachers.  If you have any question, please contact us at jklee@ncsu.edu