Celebrating Black Joy

As I walk down my hallways, I gaze at my students’ Black History Month posters that cover the walls and I realize how I’ve changed since my early years. This month my school’s hallways are decorated with beautiful images that celebrate singers from Cab Calloway to Summer Walker, athletes like Gabby Douglas and Doug Williams, […]

Can an inquiry help save an historic site?

After working as a member of the Teacher Collaborative Council for the New York State Social Studies Toolkit Project, I was inspired to become actively involved with the Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot. This organization is dedicated to saving a vital supply depot in the American Revolution from commercial development and preserving the site for […]

C3 Next Steps: Hubs and Exchange

During the National Council for Social Studies’ Annual Conference in Washington, DC, the C3 team held two meetings at the National Museum of the American Indian. Here, we met with strategic partners to discuss the C3 Hubs and the C3 Exchange, respectively. This is an important next step for C3 Teachers. We are not only […]

Does the C3 Framework support educational market-based reforms?

This is the second in a series of four posts discussing the C3 Framework and how it relates to contemporary market-based educational reforms. In my first post, I described those market-based reforms. In this post, I describe how the C3 Framework supports market-based reforms. In my next post, I will be discussing ways that the C3 […]

The C3 Framework and Market Based Reforms

It has been a long time since I have written a blog post on C3 teachers however, my examination into the framework has continued. Along the way I’ve become interested in how the C3 Framework interacts with the market-based reform movement that has grown to become the standard for education reform. In this post, I […]