Inquiry Design Model

When Inquiry Hits a Nerve

When Inquiry Hits a Nerve I recently read Isabel Wilkerson’s bestselling book, Caste: The Origins of our Discontents. I found Wilkerson’s argument intellectually stimulating and began to think about how I could incorporate her book into social studies curriculum in central Kentucky. There are many challenges to incorporating modern scholarship into secondary social studies. Will […]

Inquiry + Native Americans = Better Education

November’s annual Native American Heritage Month and the national holiday of Thanksgiving are times when many educators across the country turn their focus to lessons about Native peoples. At the National Museum of the American Indian, we receive many requests during November from teachers and parents looking for advice and resources to help them teach […]

Inquiry: How do I approach a new year?

As I opened this school year, I decided to take stock of old procedures I follow, as well as my long term plans for the year around inquiry. After spending 5 days this past summer working on inquiry design in both a C3 summer institute and at the district level, it occurred to me it […]

Observations From a First Attempt With C3

As social studies teachers, we have dozens of tools and models in our portfolios to try and create engaging and meaningful lessons. The C3 module, when done well, is by far the most valuable method at our disposal. Last July, I designed a C3 Inquiry Design Model (IDM) investigation as to what allows for the […]

C3 Pedagogy and Student Motivation

The critical issue of student motivation continues to drive teaching strategies and reward programs in K12 education. With increasing technology advancements it seems that a student without a device in their hands is essentially bored. As a teacher in the middle of his ninth year in education, I increasingly see the glazed over looks of […]