The Tenth Annual IDM™ Summer Institute will be July 22-23, 2024!

Sponsored by C3 Teachers and National Council for the Social Studies, the IDM Summer Institute is back for another go around! This is our 10th year helping teachers learn about inquiry-based teaching and learning in general and the Inquiry Design Model (IDM) and designing inquiries in particular. The institute will be in-person this year at George Washington University. We are really looking forward to seeing folks in-person to inquiry about inquiry. There’s no better place than our nation’s capital to examine how we can use questions to invigorate teaching learning. 


We started our IDM journey 10 years ago with the New York Social Studies Toolkit. Since then, we’ve expanded the model with new ideas such as looping inquiries across the curriculum, the QTS Observation protocol,  and Making Inquiry Possible examining the shape of inquiry teaching and learning. Over the years we’ve learned much from educators who are using IDM and C3 Framework inspired inquiry.  See our recent book Revolution of Ideas: A Decade of C3 Inquiry to see some of the best of those innovations.

We’re continuing our newest innovation this year, working with Pearson and Navvy on an exciting new assessment system. The system consists of multiple-choice style assessments aligned with 8 core inquiry skills that are designed to support inquiry-based teaching.


And, featured this year is a session on Making Inquiry Possible (making inquiry, that explores the why, what, who, and how of inquiry-based instruction through a series of documentary films that feature teachers working together.