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Getting in Touch with your Emotions: Social Emotional Learning and Source Reliability

“Are you in touch with your emotions?”  Can we create a much deeper understanding for middle schoolers on the Rules of Reliability by making sourcing and contextualizing more of a social-emotional learning experience? The C3 Framework has done an exceptional job in creating a blueprint for teachers to follow that emphasizes sourcing and contextualizing, while […]

Puzzling Pieces of History

No one ever said that it would be easy to help produce the next generation of civic-minded citizens especially considering, as educators, our job is also to help morally shape and ethically balance their young minds. I think that most of us never anticipated the complexities surrounding the true tests associated with being a twenty-first […]

Putting the AIM back in CLAIMs: Building Historical Thinking

“You want to stand out, you want to make a difference? Rafe Katchadourian’s mother asks inquisitively, as he sits contemplating his next move in the trailer ”Middle School the Worst Years of My Life”, based on James Patterson’s best-selling book. “Think outside-the-box …,” she constructively advises him, as Flo Rida’s “ Welcome to My House” […]

SPECulaTinG SPECulaToRs: Historical Thinking for ALL Learners

“RULE #26 … Written material deemed inappropriate will be destroyed?” inquisitively asks Rafe Katchadourian as he sits in Principal Dwight’s clutches, after his notebook of prize drawings, “that means everything” to him has been confiscated. “ Bring the yellow bucket …” (of toxic sludge) orders the ruthless Principal Dwight, as the trailer for the hilarious comedy […]

Hacking the Middle School Social Studies Code

“EVERY single thing you have on flies in the face of rule #22 … Are you telling me you haven’t read our Code of Conduct?” the ruthless Principal Dwight tells middle schooler Rafe Khatchadorian in the hilarious comedy Middle School the Worst Years of My Life, based on James Patterson’s best selling book. There is […]